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Commitment to Agricultural Lands and Agricultural Producers

Our commitment centers on working agricultural lands conservation and passing on that legacy to future generations. We will focus on conservation projects that benefit the sustainability of working agricultural lands, the landowners who steward them, and the natural resources they provide. We will ensure that our conservation and stewardship programs are a partnership with the landowner.

Easement Stewardship

Stewardship of our conservation holdings is our primary responsibility. We will work to ensure that our program of land conservation promotes public confidence concerning the importance of private land conservation. We will work towards the protection of the conservation values associated with the land.

Quality Conservation

We commit to maintaining high standards in conservation transactions among private agricultural landowners, ensuring that we abide by established standards for completing conservation transactions (i.e. Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices). We routinely evaluate our practices to ensure that they continue to work for agricultural landowners. We will also work to ensure that our practices protect the identified conservation values and endure any legal and physical changes that will inevitably occur over time.

Growth and Commitment to Partners

We will invest in financial, human, and technological resources to grow the organization which will allow us to sustain our professional obligations and deliver meaningful conservation outcomes that will benefit all current and future Utahns. We will be also be wise stewards of UALT’s resources.

Our Guideposts

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